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Education stands as the comprehensive process of human learning, imparting knowledge, training faculties, and fostering skill development. Recognizing the transformative impact of education on a global scale, we commemorate the International Day of Education.

Instituted on December 3, 2018, the United Nations, through unanimous consensus, designated January 24 as the International Education Day. This celebration underscores the pivotal role of education in promoting peace and development.

The international community reaffirms that education is a cornerstone for building sustainable, resilient societies and is instrumental in achieving various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNESCO, the specialized United Nations agency for education, collaborates closely with key education stakeholders to annually observe this significant day.

Young Visionary Leaders Ghana, a steadfast advocate for education and a promoter of SDG 4, utilizes this platform to shed light on the transformative power of education, anchored by the theme “Learning for Lasting Peace.” We emphasize the profound impact education has had, particularly in Ghana.

Massive educational campaigns have substantially reduced discrimination, fostering coexistence among diverse ethnic groups and nations. Racism has diminished through education, creating a belief in the dreams of every individual, regardless of their background.

Education serves as a bedrock for all SDGs, advocating for inclusive, equitable, and quality education. We extend our awareness efforts to the Ministry of Education, stakeholders, and agencies, urging them to embrace the significance of this day.

Our primary focus remains on enhancing the education of both the boy and girl child, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of knowledge. The foundation laid by education reaches the doorsteps of the deprived, assuring lasting peace for our society.

We call for support in spreading the message on education to secure the enduring peace encapsulated in the celebration’s theme. This proclamation reaffirms our commitment to UNESCO and partners in our shared dedication to the International Day of Education.

Long live International Education Day!
Long live Ghana!
Together, we will fortify education to perpetuate the peace we cherish.


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