Past Events


Every year, Young Visionary Leaders Ghana, gathers young people from all over the country to observe the United Nations International Youth Days. Young people are center to our work and operation. In our quest to empower and create a common platform for all young people to advocate for their right and to hold policy makers accountable, we provide young people with the avenue to voice their concerns on this important day of the young people across the world. On the day, young people are giving the opportunity to share their own stories with their fellows and policy makers. To us, we believe young people should be engaged at every decision table that is of their interest. This we believe is the roadmap for achieving the SDGs in Ghana.


Every year, we observe the world education day to project the importance of education and why it should be prioritize in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 4. On this day, stakeholders of education including, the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, development partners, CSOs, teachers and school children gather to deliberate on the successes, challenges, government educational policies what works and what is not working. The day is commemorated in the form of forum, media advocacy, and campaign in our areas of work.


The Young Visionary Leaders joins millions of people across the world to observe the World Water Day on every 22nd March. Ensuring access to potable water remains our core area of priority, hence the need to mobilize water sector stakeholders to commemorate this day is key to our advocacy for water for all across all regions in Ghana. This day is observed to project the importance of potable drinking water and the need to ensure the SDG6 is achieved.


Young Visionary Leaders Ghana in partnership with Ghana Education Service, Global Fund for Children, Mother of all Nations, Move the World and other supporting partners which included Maxim Nyansa , Girls Vision Foundation and Teaching Staff of schools within Weija-Gbawe Municipality successfully celebrated 2023 World’s Children Day at Weija Cluster of Schools' park with the theme “FOR EVERY CHILD, EVERY RIGHT”. This celebration was to acknowledge children as tomorrow's leaders while engaging them through art and play in enhancing quality education as indicated in the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) as well as fostering their right to gender equality, proper sanitation and access to portable drinking water.