The five core Areas of Work of YVLG are as follows


As part of our programmes to ensuring the Sustainable Development Goal 4 is achieved, we use a variety of educational approaches to build knowledge, skills, promote academic excellent, self-confidence, mentorship and capacity building. The priority of YVLG is providing a resilient and supportive educational environment for children and young people to ensure equitable, quality and access to basic education for all children in Ghana.


To change attitudes and systems, young people must be leaders – in protest, advocacy, representation and mobilization. This includes providing young women and men with important leadership and mentoring opportunities. Meeting and hearing from role models that young people and children can relate to is invaluable in sparking their interest in various careers. We organize mentorship and leadership programmes that aim at grooming, inspiring and empowering children and young people in Ghana


We work to provide potable water for deprived communities that are in dire need of water. Children and young people are vulnerable when it comes to access to potable water for their respective households. Children and young people are safe and protected when provided with basic human needs and rights in their communities. The quest to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) in Ghana remains our priority.


Alone have long been advocating for protection of the right of the child, equal opportunity for young people through national engagements. Fundamentally, child abuse and marriage is a violation of human rights. It’s also a harmful practice that drags down communities and economies. When young people are safe, healthy, educated, and empowered, research has shown that they help have healthier children, earn more income, and help grow economies – making them powerful agents of positive change.


Alone, over the years has participated in national campaigns on social accountability for social protection in Ghana. To us everyone regardless of their social status is constitutionally entitled to enjoy some aspect of social protection interventions in Ghana. As part of our contribution to ensuring no one is left behind, we organize citizen’s engagement forums at district, regional and national levels, where beneficiaries of the social protection programs share their experience of the implementation of the programs by the use of score cards and interface meetings. Data is generated through our engagement on the various social protection programs to influence national policy.


We work to provide necessary and basic amenities in communities that are in dire need for such interventions and developments.

Get Involved

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We provide our local and foreign stakeholders a volunteer opportunity as our core mandate in order to achieve our objectives.

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